The Journey of Self-Discovery

Lata Gouveia is a London based singer/songwriter who decided to make the move to America’s heartland, Tulsa, Oklahoma after several years of  living and touring throughout Europe in different musical formations.

It is there he felt an instant connection with the likes of Tom Skinner, Jesse Aycock and other members of the Red Dirt musical family who embraced Lata as one of their own. The self-confessed Bob Dylan and JJ Cale devotee was invited by legendary Rocky Frisco (JJ Cale band & Tulsa Sound pioneer) to go to Tulsa in 2007 and take his songwriting back to basics.



Only a few miles from Woody Guthrie’s birthplace, Lata encountered a music community he believed to be long dead and instead experienced his own musical rebirth. Lata began documenting his experiences from the very beginning and as his journey began to transcend the purely musical aspect into the spiritual realm, he realized he had stumbled upon a story that had to be told. He simply took an old camcorder and started filming.

The film evolved from an inspirational force to a creative masterpiece that culminated in the enlistment of filmmaker Matthew Lochman and the collection of a further 200 hours of High Definition footage, including interviews and musical performances. It was edited in San Marcos, Texas by Joe Miraglilo and Lata. The result is the story of a personal musical and spiritual journey of transformation against the backdrop of Oklahoma’s rich musical history and the archive footage that was not used contains a wealth of first hand accounts of the history and constitutes an important part of the cultural heritage of Oklahoma that might, hopefully, become available to the public some day.