About the film…

Red Dirt: Songs From The Dust is a film following European songwriter Lata Gouveia as he ventures into rural Oklahoma in search of the essence of the great American music tradition.

In 2007 Rocky Frisco (JJ Cale band) invited London songwriter Lata Gouveia to Oklahoma, where Lata discovered the Tulsa Sound, a musical attitude that influenced an entire generation of his heroes from Eric Clapton to Elton John, George Harrison, Dire Straits and Joe Cocker. Lata was instantly hooked by the sense of community shared by the musicians in Tulsa, which compelled him to go back again and again, in a process of musical rebirth.Gradually, he became aware of Red Dirt music which spreads throughout Oklahoma and Texas and became obsessed with attempting to define it.

In 2009, along with film maker Matthew Lochman, Lata embarked on a mission to capture what promised to be the crucial chapter in his understanding of Red Dirt music. The result is a personally guided journey to the heart of the Red Dirt family, a journey of self-discovery that takes us from Tulsa, Oklahoma to the hills of Tahlequah and the prairies of the Osage and Pawnee Counties.  Lata visits a variety of Red Dirt musicians, gaining an ever deeper understanding of how Red Dirt music came about, who makes it and where it fits within the great American musical tradition. At its heart, Lata finds the ghost of legendary songwriter Bob Childers and that of Woody Guthrie, in the direct blood ties between the folks of Red Dirt music and the people who endured the Dust Bowl and Great Depression of the 1930’s in Oklahoma.

The film was edited by Joe Miraglilo and Lata Gouveia in San Marcos, Texas.

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