3rd May 2010

Today I finished the poster and front cover for the film.

I spent all of sunday creating about 5 options. There was one that was a picture of me walking down the road, taken from the final scene of the film. I actually quite liked that because of the way you could see the guitar and how it told a story. There was also an option that was the chair in a graveyard in the Tall Grass Prairie. This had two versions, a normal version and a black and white “Dustbowl” version. There was one that was a picture of me from the back looking at the sunset over Highway 35, taken from the “Dance with the gypsies” scene and, finally, there was one of the same sunset without me.

Sunday evening I sent the options to my editor and my associate producer and they both came back with the same favorite. So the cover is the sunset. I posted it on the home page. I hope people like it.

I am hoping that today we will finish the audio-post process and audio mixing. We’re in May and I have so much to do in Oklahoma before I have to get back to London on the 22nd.

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1 Response to 3rd May 2010

  1. skydog123 says:

    Perfect! Eye catching and beautiful.

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