27th April 2010

Today the graphic design for the DVD pitching package fell through. I had asked a student in San Marcos University to help me. We were friends. She made a 12 panel booklet and a cover which I was happy with but I don’t think our original conversation was clear enough. In the end I had to walk away. She has a little book that tells her how much she should charge for her work (It probably had a definition of favour too, which is what it was). Anyway, she will use the project as part of her graduating portfolio. I think some harsh realities are waiting for her when she graduates and goes into the work market.

Can you imagine if us musicians had a little book stating how much we should charge clubs, how much we should charge to all the people who stream our music for free under the guize of “it’s good promotion for us”. Ironically, this person has tonnes and tonnes of music which she has downloaded for free because she is a “poor student”. I’m sorry I’m venting but… why does everyone else in the World feel that they are experts who have to be paid professional rates for breathing whilst musicians have to be gratefull for every little opportunity the get to play for free? I’m done with that. Dusted!

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1 Response to 27th April 2010

  1. Hell, why don’t some of us get together and do it? Red Dirt Music is supposed to be about family, ain’t it? We’ve got the Red Dirt Nation behind us!

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