23rd April 2010

I’m tired… just want to sleep. At this stage I’m dealing with release forms, contracts, trying to make sure we have clearance to use all the music in the film etc… Also dealing with graphics. When you do a guerrila style documentary film like “Red Dirt: Songs from the dust”, each person involved is doing a job that would normally need a team of people. It’s hard to be a business man and to be emotionally involved with the content and the people in the film. I’ve also been having trouble dealing with the politics of working with friends. It’s funny, when you work with strangers your requirements and contractual constraints are clear and easy to deal with…but when you work closely with friends who also invested their personal affections into the project, little things become hugely dramatic. One thing that I have learnt is that the producer doesn’t have any friends, he can’t have any friends. I also haven’t written a song in a couple of weeks… which is rare.

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