April 2010

Today I got a reply back from Steve Ripley. I wrote to him because we had no idea how to tag him. I mean, the guy is a producer, musician, songwriter, he made the Ripley guitars for Ry Cooder, Van Halen and those guys, played live with Bob Dylan, lead The Tractors… I was kind of nervous about contacting him because I got the feeling he didn’t like me much when Matt and I visited him for his interview last year. I don’t know why… I just got a vibe … probably nothing. Anyway, his reply was really nice and he wished me good luck with the project… so I’m kinda regretting the impression I had of him for all this time. Ripley is cool. Him and John Wooley really did provide the historical content without turning it into a lecture. I am very grateful to both of them.

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