May 2007

I have booked my flight to go visit Rocky Frisco in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m excited and kind of nervous. Rocky Frisco plays the piano in JJ Cale’s band. Cale is one of my favourites. Aside from the classics like “Cocaine”, “After Midnight”, “They call me the breeze”, “Magnolia” and many more, Cale also wrote some of my personal favourites like “Travelling light”, “Sensitive kind”, “Friday”, “Closer” and “Thirteen days”. Rocky told me that Cale’s music and Leon Russell’s music is what they call the Tulsa Sound. Apparently they even include Eric Clapton in this genre because when Clapton made the transition from Cream to a solo career, he recruited much of his band from Tulsa.

Rocky seems quite eccentric. Our email exchanges range from politics to music to books, relationships, philosophy, spirituality and back again. This guy is 69 years old and I never met him, but he seems very cool. He told me that he lives with his mother who is paralysed from the waste down and that’s what keeps him from going on tour unless the gigs pay enough to cover the extra care expenses and so on. They have a spare room for me to stay. The address is Florence Place. I’m imagining a 1st floor apartment with old wooden verandas overlooking a square, wooden floorboards, spacious rooms and perhaps a grand piano somewhere in the main living room. Rocky told me it was going to be warm, so I’ll take summer clothes.

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