June 2007 – 5 days left in Tulsa

I finally got my recording session together! We used Mike Peace’s studio. He is the singer with The Dinossaurs and did not charge me to use the studio. The players didn’t charge me either. That’s how fucking generous these people are!! So we cut 3 tracks in about 3 hours. Rocky advised me as to how I should handle the session. These Tulsa players don’t like rehearsing and don’t like being told what to play… which worried me because I had such definite ideas about how the songs should sound. Still, I followed Rocky’s advice. All I did was play each song a couple of times on my acoustic guitar and by the second time they would all be playing along and then we would do a couple of live takes. It worked! I am particularly impressed with “Empty Station”. I think that, after it’s mixed, it going to sound pretty good.

I also visited Little Joe McLerran. My friend Michael Lasota drove me to Sepulpa to Joe’s flat. That was another trip! This guy playes like someone out of 1940. He sounds like he should have lived in Robert Johnson’s time… and his flat, I mean, it doesn’t get more blues than that. I filmed him playing a couple of songs on his resonator. I hope the Hi-8 footage is not too grainy..

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