June 2007 – 15 days in

…Shooting gigs is nearly impossible but I started asking people to interview them. First I interviewed Rocky in a breakfast dinner. He told me a story about when he was young; he was working for a local Tulsa radio station and, as a publicity stunt, agreed to cycle 7 days all the way to some place in Texas where Elvis was doing his military training to interview him. Apparently when he got there he had to wait for about a week for Elvis to come back from some exercise or something and, during that time, got to know Elvis’s mother pretty well. He would go over to their house in the afternoon and eat milk and cookies and talk to her. She would tell him stories about Elvis as a baby and stuff. When Elvis returned, Rocky jammed with him for one afternoon on an organ and a piano. The coolest part of the story for me was that, only a few miles out of town, JJ Cale and a few of his friends tried to talk Rocky out of doing this crazy stunt. If that’s not a cool story, I don’t know what is…

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