June 2007 – 14 days in

I am blown away by Tulsa! Rocky Frisco introduced me to a lot of amazing musicians. I even forgot about the JJ Cale connection! What is going on here is just… you have to see it to believe how good these players are. I brought my portable mini disk recorder and an atmospheric microphone so that I could keep an audio diary of my experiences and capture some native sounds. I started using it in the toilet cabin on the flight over to Houston. But I realize now that just the audio diary and a load of photos are not going to be enough to really show anyone back home what I am experiencing here. Fortunately Rocky has two Hi-8 camcorders sitting around. One is broken and the other one didn’t have a battery, so I took the battery from the broken one to make up a full camera. Tomorrow I’ll get some blank tapes and try it out.

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