July 2008 – San Marcos, Texas

My host, Scott Gregson and I have become good friends over this last month. He is a business guy and spends all of his days at meetings, which allows me to play my guitar and practice in the house. At night we usually have a drink or three and talk about stuff, politics, cultural differences, our parents, our ideals and so on. I’m kind of surprised because he is 50 years old. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been making a lot of friends who are much older than me. I’m finding that I can’t connect with the University crowd here. As far as Captiva Records, I’ve got the feeling they just dumped me here at Scott’s and forgot about me. It’s taken a month to get together one afternoon for a photo shoot… and that’s all we’ve done. I had a similar licensing deal in Portugal a few years ago with a label called Difference, so I kind of know what to expect… nothing, really. But, at the same time, if these guys did half of what they promise, things could really work out. Maybe I should get back into event organizing… or maybe not.

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