July 2008 – San Marcos, Texas

Last night I showed Scott my footage of Oklahoma and I talked to him about Rocky Frisco and what a life changing impact Oklahoma musicians had on my life. When I showed Scott the Rocky Frisco “The Blues For You” video on You Tube, Scott got pretty emotional and started talking about what a shame it is that America is letting guys like Rocky just fade away and what a shame that it takes a foreigner like me to want to discover them and try to show them to the World. I told him that it’s really a combination of my need to find some kind of cause and the fact that there is real content in the Oklahoma music scene and there are some beautiful inspirational stories up there that are not being told. He told me that I should persevere and do it properly. I laughed. He said he would invest in it. We were drunk. Today I’m wondering if he meant it.

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